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Laser Hair Reduction Treatments

The Lumenis Infinity dual wavelength device is used for laser hair reduction.  It has two wavelengths that can treat all skin types.  It has a universal hand piece with a vacuum action that brings the hair follicles in closer contact with the laser thus enabling lower energy settings to be used, which minimizes patient discomfort.  Some patients compare treatment with the vacuum treatment head to a hot stone massage.  There are two other sapphire chill tip hand pieces that enable treatment of all areas of the body with minimal discomfort.

It takes an average of 6 treatments to achieve a 75-85% reduction in hair.  Some patients with thicker, denser hair may require more treatments.  The hair that best responds to the laser is coarse, dark brown or black hair. Blonde, red, white and gray hairs do not respond to any type of laser hair reduction devices at this point in time.  Fine,vellus hair or peach fuzz does not respond to the laser.

Guys do you have excess back hair, an irritated beard line? The Lumenis Infinity does a great, minimally painful job of removing your unwanted hair.  Suzy has a great deal of experience removing irritating beard line hair from men's necks. Book your consult now!